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Our Mission


1)Customer Passion- We work together with skill and accuracy to exceed expectations with the quality our customers deserve by listening and adding value to every moment of their lives.

2)Creativity- We dare to do things a little differently. With courage, agility and quality, facing the challenges that come with daily life, bringing originality in concepts.

3)Commitment- We achieve our dreams through freedom, being true to our word, caring about our workforce and collaborators building a common objective together.

4)Teamwork- We are a shared company project where individual talent always pursues a team objective based on quality inter personal relationships.

5)Progress- We integrate the knowledge of our surroundings and diversity into our business decisions, our products, our processes and the way we treat our collaborators.


Our Karigars belong to families that have been in the craft of jewelry  making for generations. At Al Majarah Jewellers, they are further trained in their choice of field work and are supported through out their journey of mastering the Art.
Our constant effort in contributing to their individual growth and values as well as keeping the handmade craftsmanship alive fills us with purpose and intent and is one of the many ways we wish to complete a full circle and give back to the society.